Affiliate Link Agreement

When participating in affiliate marketing, remember: “Affiliate Link” means the unique tracking link that you place on your website or promote through other channels. “Wirecutter supports our readers with thousands of hours of reports and tests to help you find the things you need to live a better life. You support us through our independently chosen links that earn us a commission” The payment structure you choose depends on the amounts the Company pays to the Affiliate. Consider the following factors when deciding how to set compensation in your Affiliate Agreement: Welcome to the Amazon Partner`s website (the “Associates Site”), where you can manage your affiliate marketing relationship with the relevant Amazon companies as defined in Appendix 1 (“Amazon” or “we” or similar terms). Referred customers who purchase FatCow products and services through our affiliate network are considered FatCow customers. FatCow`s terms and conditions, rules, policies and operating procedures apply to such customers. We may change our policies, pricing and operating procedures at any time. For example, FatCow sets the prices charged for FatCow products and services sold through the affiliate network in accordance with our own pricing policies. Prices and availability of FatCow products and services may vary from time to time, from subsidiary to subsidiary and region to region. Since price changes may affect the products you have listed on your affiliate website, you may or may not be able to include pricing information in your product descriptions. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to present accurate information on our website, but we cannot guarantee the availability or price of any particular FatCow product or service.

This Website Affiliate Agreement is between an Individuala(n) (the “Owner”) and an Individuala(n) (the “Affiliate”). “Affiliate Marketing Program” means our Affiliate Marketing Program as described in this Agreement. While this is not required by law, it is highly recommended – especially for websites that participate in affiliate marketing. Our affiliates are very important to us. We do our best to treat you with the fairness and respect you deserve. We are simply asking for the same consideration. We have written the following affiliate agreement with you in mind, as well as to protect the good reputation of our company. So please be patient with us as we guide you through this legal formality. U.S. affiliate agreements are subject to both federal and state-specific laws that cover general principles of contracts such as education and mutual understanding. The U.S.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) oversees subsidiary disclosures. An agreement on general terms and conditions (GTC) is an important document. Here you can inform your visitors of their legal rights, responsibilities and restrictions. This Affiliate Agreement (“Agreement”) contains the full terms and conditions between us, FatCow (“FatCow”) and you with respect to your application for and participation in the FatCow Affiliate Program (the “Affiliate Program”) as an affiliate of FatCow (an “Affiliate”) and the establishment of links from your website to our website, You further represent and warrant that: (i) you will ensure that you comply with any commercial or regulatory requirements that may apply to your participation in the Affiliate Program (for example.B. by clearly stating that you are a HubSpot partner on all websites you own and on which you provide an affiliate link); (ii) you will specify in the affiliate tool all websites and domains you own in which you wish to use affiliate links to generate affiliate leads; (iii) you will not purchase ads that link to your website(s) or through an affiliate link that could be considered a competitor to HubSpot`s own advertising, including but not limited to our brand keywords; (iv) you will not participate in cookie stuffing or pop-ups, false or misleading links are strictly prohibited; (v) you will not attempt to hide the referring URL information; (vi) You will not use your own affiliate link to purchase HubSpot products for yourself. This Agreement constitutes the final agreement of the parties. This is the complete and exclusive expression of the agreement of the parties to the subject matter of this Agreement. All prior and contemporaneous notices, negotiations and agreements between the Parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement shall be expressly incorporated into and superseded by this Agreement. The provisions of this Agreement may not be explained, supplemented or restricted by evidence of prior commercial use or commercial activity. Neither party has been induced to enter into this Agreement by any representations, representations, warranties or agreements of the other party, except as expressly provided in this Agreement, and neither party shall rely on them.

Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, there are no prerequisites for the effectiveness of this Agreement. Save yourself the trouble of creating your own affiliate program contract. Download our fill-in-the-blanks style template for just $11.95. 9.1. We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to (i) access our website via HTML links only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and (ii) only in connection with such links, use our logos, trade names, trademarks and similarly identifying materials (collectively, the “Licensed Materials”) that we provide or authorize to you for this purpose. You may only use the Licensed Content to the extent that you are a respected member of the Affiliate Program You agree that all uses of the Licensed Material are made on behalf of and that the related merchandise benefits only. “Program Policy Page” means the landing page: where we provide all current policies and guidelines for the Affiliate Program. There is no way to see your disclosure on your website. You can get creative with it. Your disclosure itself can help you get more clicks on your affiliate links. Here are some examples.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We strongly believe in simple and honest communication. For the fastest results, please email us at You can also reach us by phone, toll free: 1-888-588-8866. Affiliate agreements are very common these days, as many people who choose to work online can earn significant income from affiliate relationships depending on the reach of their websites or social media. Many users on major social media platforms sign contracts with companies to promote products or services. When the Company receives clicks or purchases from the Affiliate`s individualized links, the Affiliate receives a set amount or percentage of the sale or a set amount per click. uses a third party to manage all tracking and payments. The third is the affiliate network.

Please check the payment terms of the network. 2.1.1. Promotion of sexually explicit material 2.1.2. Encourages violence 2.1.3. Promotion of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age 2.1.4. Promotion of illegal activities 2.1.5. Contains any material that infringes copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights or other intellectual property rights or violates Law 2.1.6. Contains “merchants” or variations or spelling mistakes in its domain name 2.1.7. Otherwise is somehow unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing or racist, ethnic or otherwise offensive in our sole discretion.

2.1.8. Contains software downloads that may enable commission redirects from other affiliates of our Program. 2.1.9. You may not create or design your website or any other website that you operate, explicitly or implicitly, in a manner similar to our website, or design your website in such a way that customers believe you are or any other affiliate….