Tricare Contracted Providers

Groups and Individual Suppliers: Complete the network`s ABA Vendor Participation Package and TRICARE Vendor Group List and fax or mail them back to the United States. PRIMARY CARE MANAGERS (CMP): A provider of a hospital or military clinic (MTF) or a team of providers, a single network provider or a clinic that has primary responsibility for providing and coordinating all of a recipient`s health needs. Registered TRICARE Prime recipients agree to initially use all non-emergency, non-mental health services in their FAMILIES. HNFS is required to perform a credential check at each network provider to determine whether the provider meets the minimum requirements of the Defense Health Agency, HNFS, and URAC. As part of the provider agreement process, medical, surgical and/or psychiatric service providers must complete this SHSH registration process. HNFS is currently completing claims processing for our TRICARE suppliers in less than five days and offers online self-service tools to optimize your TRICARE transactions. Our TRICARE network providers are committed to using web-based tools to verify recipient eligibility, verify if a service requires prior approval, submit requests for prior approval and referral, and file claims electronically. BEHAVIOURAL SPECIALISTS: These include TRICARE-certified networked mental health care providers, which may include psychiatrists (MDs), psychologists (PhDs), registered clinical social workers (LCSW), marriage and family therapists (MFT), and certified psychiatric nurses. In addition, TRICARE beneficiaries may consult a TRICARE Certified Licensed Professional Counsellor (LPC), Mental Health Counsellor (MHC) or Pastoral Counsellor, provided they are referred by a doctor (MD or DO) who also oversees care. Note: Health Net Federal Servcies strives to provide you with the most up-to-date provider information.

The directory of network providers may change as new providers join the TRICARE program and others leave the program. The continued participation of a physician, hospital or other healthcare provider in the TRICARE network cannot be guaranteed. Always contact the provider`s office first to make sure they always see TRICARE patients. All providers must verify that their CAQH profileĀ® allows global access or indicates that HNFS can access their CAQH record. Check out our Supplier FAQ to learn more about the states in which we operate to become a TRICARE supplier, add suppliers to an existing practice, permissions and claims. TRICARE Prime is the managed health care provider for serving members, retired military members and their families. TRICARE Prime participants have a Primary Care Manager (PCM) and receive their care from a military hospital or clinic, also known as a Military Treatment Facility (MTF), or the TRICARE network of civilian providers. TRICARE Prime is only available in certain regions and participants may require prior approval and/or referral for special treatments. This directory uses your location to select providers.

Selection is a radius of distance from a center (latitude and longitude) on a map. Your center is derived from yours: suppliers who are not interested in joining our network can still support our military by becoming an off-grid supplier. TRICARE authorized providers must meet certain licensing and certification requirements and be certified by TRICARE for care under the TRICARE program. Always contact the provider`s office first to check if they still see TRICARE patients. Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) welcomes the opportunity to support our service members and their families in the TRICARE West area and invites you to join our network of providers. Note: The logon state is different from the network state. Please refer to your provider participation agreement for network status and effective date. (If your group has a delegated permissions agreement, contact your group`s credential department for a contract execution date.) If a city-based search doesn`t yield the expected results, use a zip code for a more accurate search. You can search for a postal code using the “Find my postal code” link. SPECIALISTS: A network physician or other health professional, usually with special training and education, who typically provides services different from those offered by a Primary Care Manager (MCP). Looking for a telemedicine provider? In addition to the telemedicine screening option listed below, recipients can contact a mental health care provider through Telemynd or an emergency or mental health provider through Doctor Upon Request.

If you find any inaccurate information, please let us know. Simply click on the vendor name in the search results and click on the “Suggest changes to this vendor” link in the vendor profile. Fill in the information to let us know about your recommended change. Thank you for your participation in our continuous improvement process. HOSPITAL/CLINICS/OTHERS: Network locations such as medical/surgical hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, and qualified care facilities. The update date indicates that a number of, but not all, records have been updated on the date displayed. TRICARE Select is a preferred provider option available to all TRICARE eligible individuals except active service members. .