What Is a 6 Word Memoir Definition

To help you roll this pen, here`s a hands-on step-by-step guide to finding your fun game in just six short words, with a little help from some of the women you know and love. This distillation process can lead you to a six-word story, six-word poetry, a six-word tip, or even a six-word joke. Or even a combination of all of that. The important thing is that you have captured an essence of who you are. Now, set a timer to 10 minutes and write as many six-word memoirs as possible using the items you identified in the steps above. Don`t think too much. You just have to make a ton of it. If you think you`ve exhausted yourself, do three more. And then another. If you look at these questions, what kind of six-word briefs could include? However, some people will benefit from asking research questions about themselves before they start writing. The purpose of the research questions is to reflect on who you are, what you have done in the past, and where you want to go in the future.

Answers to research questions can provide you with the nuggets of information that will feed into your six-word memories. What am I talking about? Well, there`s a little writing challenge (and I mean really little) called a six-word dissertation, and the goal is to summarize who you are in just six words. Filmmaker Nora Ephron, for example, wrote: “The secret of life: marrying an Italian.” Haha. Joke! I just switched to faster comedy. And you can too! All you need is six words and a pen. Six Word memoirs are tiny personal autobiographies written in just six words. Now you have some thoughts about who you are. You can take these ideas and try to distill them in a few words. It doesn`t have to be six words that can be found through revision and editing. Finally, Jane loves her sense of humor.

This upcoming season of memoirs of words needs guidance in an eternal loop on how to live your life as Jane lives it. And if you`re really excited to impress everyone with your six words and more, check out the full GOLD Comedy online course to learn how to find your fun and bring it to the stage! Triples can also be easily integrated into six-word memories. If the “Setup . punch! ” is the most basic joke structure, a triple is a “configuration, configuration. punch! ” with the last point a little surprise. Journalist Katie Couric uses a triple to explain her life story: “Secret of life: family, friends, bacon.” The last word of the three definitely takes bacon for its originality and humor compared to the two previous words. If you want even more structural ideas, GOLD founder Lynn Harris is for you. You can apply them to the six-word form.

I know, I know. Six words! But stay with me. Also in this abbreviated format, you can “configure . punch! “, the queen of all joke structures in which you get people to expect one thing and turn in a completely different direction. Author Amy Sohn does this perfectly in her memoir in six words: “I gave an inaugural speech, I became a sex columnist. By first defining herself by the life event of approaching her own degree, Sohn makes readers believe that she will move on to a high-level brain career, which is why her end on the decision to make a living by writing about sex is such an unexpected turn. LARRY SMITH is the founder and editor-in-chief of SMITH Magazine, best known for launching the Six-Word Memoir project®. Six Words is a best-selling book series, a live event program, a board game, and a form of self-expression used to promote self-expression and refine assignments in classrooms, conference rooms, and corporate retreats. In anticipation of the explosion of microblogging, SMITH Mag initially launched the Six-Word Memoir project in November 2006 in collaboration with Twitter with a simple online challenge, asking, “Can you tell your life story in six words?” Today, more than 1 million six-word memories have been shared across SixWordMemoirs.com, mobile devices, and social media. Larry`s most recent launch is the Six in the City Civic Engagement Initiative, which is currently debuting in Columbus, Ohio. They run a great website where you can see all the examples of six-word memoirs. Keep these ideas in mind, but let us also see what comes out naturally.

Some six-word gems do not follow any structure. So, from Joan Rivers: “Liar, hysterectomy didn`t improve sex life!” Or see how Amy Schumer handled it: “At least you know it`s circumcised. In the end, the best six-word memoirs come from the heart. The person who probably gets the most credit for popularizing six-word memoirs is Larry King. Together with Rachel Fershleiser and Tim Barko of Smith Magazine, they defined the memoirs in six words and asked readers to describe their life story in just six words. Several books, a popular Twitter feed and even a board game later, six-word memoirs proved to be a very popular form, from children and teenagers to adults. Eight years and more than a million stories later, the six-word concept has become a series of best-selling books, an educational tool used around the world, and a powerful way to promote self-expression for everyone. In hospitals and veterans` groups, in after-school programs and places of worship, at dining tables, and (of course) on quick dates, the concept of six words has been used to promote understanding, facilitate communication, and break the ice. Don`t forget to send your genius to @GOLDcmdy on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag @six.word.memoirs so that your work can really be noticed. This new unique communication format is at your disposal.

We can create a variety of Run Of Site advertising programs or help you develop an exciting and effective six-word contest. And don`t worry, we`ve also worked with companies to license our six-word trademark form for print, digital, radio and television. We can also work with you to develop a highly customizable and large-scale marketing program with the power of Six Words, including six-word reviews™. Just ask us to share what we`ve created for MINI Cooper, Honest Tea, ESPN or Mercer Consulting, to name a few. Once you`ve coughed up a few, think about the structure. Many six-word memoirs read like clumsy haikus, with missing words looking at you between the lines. .