By Agreement in Italiano

By Agreement in Italiano: Understanding the Common Legal Term

The term “by agreement” is a common legal term used in contracts and agreements, which is often translated into Italian as “per accordo” or “convenuto.” It refers to a situation wherein the parties involved have mutually agreed to something and have documented it in writing.

In Italian law, “by agreement” is frequently used to describe the resolution of disputes, particularly in civil cases. Courts often order parties to pursue settlement negotiations and reach a compromise by agreement, rather than engaging in protracted litigation. This process is known as “conciliation” or “mediazione,” which is similar to mediation in other countries.

The “by agreement” clause in contracts and agreements is used to clearly define the terms and conditions of the agreement that have been mutually agreed upon by the parties involved. This clause helps to ensure that both parties understand and acknowledge their responsibilities and obligations under the agreement.

For example, in a business contract, a “by agreement” clause might state that the parties agree to a specific payment schedule, the scope of work, and other important details related to the transaction. By including this clause, both parties understand what is expected and can avoid misunderstandings or disputes.

When negotiating a contract or agreement in Italian, it is essential to understand the terminology involved. “By agreement” is just one of many important legal terms that must be understood to ensure a successful negotiation. Legal translators or interpreters can be useful in these situations to ensure that all parties understand the terms and conditions of the agreement.

In conclusion, “by agreement” is a crucial legal term that is commonly used in Italian contracts and agreements. It signifies that parties have mutually agreed upon terms and conditions and have documented it in writing. Understanding this concept is vital to successful contract negotiations in Italy.